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People trust people over brands. And when people are always connected, now more than ever, a testimonial or a review holds more value to a brand than an advertisement.

At Influencer Hub, we connect your brand with people who can take your message to the masses. We help you achieve your brand objectives, with the right people, at the right time, using the right way.

We have a gathering of over 100 influencers, who have a significant following in key social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What we offer is a gathering of these individuals, at one place, categorized based on their specialization, and approached and managed on behalf of your brand. Its effective, cost efficient and makes your life a whole lot easier!

Customized solutions, minimal effort and high impact campaigns – all under one roof with Influencer Hub!

What We Do

Influencer Vetting

Influencer Relationship Management

Influencer Strategy Development

Influencer Negotiation

Influencer Communication

Influencer Campaign Development

Influencer Campaign Execution

Influencer Compensation

Our Process


Scoping Session

Our offering is customized to suit your specific needs, thus we start off with a scoping session that is aimed at identifying exactly what you require. This session will be a complete everything-on-the-table discussion including budgets, objectives, brand identity and more. Be ready to talk – a lot – as we try to pick your brain and identify the best and most cost beneficial influencer marketing approach for you. 

Once we know what you want, we will put our heads together to come up with innovative, unique strategies that can give your brand the best value for money. We will share a comprehensive plan with you on the how’s, when’s and what’s, final budgets and projected numbers, which influencers will take the brand forward and we will work together on upgrading the concept based on your feedback and thoughts. 


Concept Plan


Campaign Launch

Once all the specifics are confirmed, We will work with the stars of the show, the influencers, on launching the campaign. Sit back and relax as your brand gets featured on social media through influential individuals and watch people buzz about your brand!

The story does not end with the increased reach of your brand. We will offer you with a complete reporting package that reviews your expenditure and return on the campaign, with clear and concise metrics that will enable you to understand the effectiveness of the brand. You will receive a comprehensive snapshot of the numbers and the impact.


Reporting & Review


Being an influencer is not only about having an X number of followers, it’s about how much of an influence you have over your followers and how engaged your followers are with your content. But, as a threshold, we only accept registrations from influencers who have 1000 or more followers on Instagram.

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