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Make money doing what you love

Are you an influencer?

Do you LOVE social media? Does the process of posting your opinion and comments and engaging with people who follow you excite you? Have you got a significant follower base that engages with everything you post on social media, be it Instagram, Youtube, Twitter or Facebook? Are you someone who has managed to impress and influence people from your chosen field?

If yes, then you are just the right match for us!

Influencer hub allows you to make money doing what you love – sharing your thoughts on social media! We give you the opportunity to work with brands, services and causes you love, while getting paid for your efforts of posting reviews and creating content. We will be your voice, your representative, and ensure that your personal details are safe as you go forward in giving brands the exposure they need. Working with us is easy and flexible. You decide which projects you are taking on, and the value for your services! What’s more, working with exciting and recognized brands will also help you elevate your personal brand, while you enjoy the perks and benefits of being an “influencer” !

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Make money doing what you love

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Make money doing what you love

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If you believe that you have a significant social media following, (Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter/YouTube etc.) with effective engagement from your chosen field, then sign up with Influencer Hub.

Allow us 2-5 working days to make sure that your profile matches with our terms and conditions, and send you a follow up confirmation email.


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Take on Projects

Once you have registered with us, we will be constantly in touch with you via email about all new assignments. All you have to do is, make your bid to take on the assignments that you find interesting. We will share assignment briefs and timelines with you. Every step along the way, our team will be at your disposal to help and support you.

After completing an assignment, we will transfer your agreed payment (if applicable) to your preferred bank account every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month.


Get Paid


Being an influencer is not only about having an X number of followers, it’s about how much of an influence you have over your followers and how engaged your followers are with your content. But, as a threshold, we only accept registrations from influencers who have 1000 or more followers on Instagram.

Drop us an email at influencers@influencerhub.lk with a screenshot of your engagement information, and we will get back to you ASAP!

You decide your value! Our concept is built upon the foundation of ensuring that influencers get paid for their time and effort, and thus our model is one at which you decide how much you get paid. Of course, you must realize that you are competing with other influencers to get assignments and if they provide a better quality service at a lower price, you will have a low chance of getting the assignments. So when you quote a price, please have an open and realistic view about your engagement, audience, recognition and your content and quote accordingly 🙂 

After completing an assignment, we will transfer your agreed payment (if applicable) to your preferred Sri Lankan bank account every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month.

In general, expenses will not be reimbursed, so make sure that your quote includes relevant expenses such as transport and data. However, in certain special cases, there will be an allowance for expenses which will be communicated beforehand.

We charge the brands/clients a fee for campaign development and execution. We do not charge you or take a cut from your payment.

Of course you can! You are free to take on third party assignments that do not come from the clients introduced by Influencer Hub.

At Influencer Hub, we ensure that you will get paid for your efforts while ensuring your personal information is safe. We also have a wide network of clients looking for people like you. Together with us, your exposure will be broader and much more diverse.

Yes, your Instagram profile should be turned into a business page for you to work with us.

Yes, your Instagram profile should be a public profile.

Of course. We take complete responsibility in ensuring that the information you share with us such as contact numbers, address, etc. will be kept confidential. However, we cannot take responsibility if your information has been leaked by a third party/ by yourself.

In general, cancellations of assignments must be done one week before the date of the assignment. However, in special cases such as illnesses, family emergencies etc, we will try our best to create a provision for you. In such an emergency, please contact us on influencers@influencerhub.lk asap! 

We strongly believe that for an influencer marketing campaign to be successful, the content should be authentic. You should not recommend a brand to your followers that you don’t already love; so, do NOT take on the project.

This is assignment specific, but in such instances, please share your concerns with us via influencers@influencerhub.lk and we can help you sort this out.

Make money doing what you love

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