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Terms and Conditions for Influencers

Following are the terms, conditions and rules applicable to all the influencers who sign up as service providers for Influencer Hub. Failure to abide by these terms, conditions and rules may result in the termination of assignments and / or expulsion from the Influencer Hub community, as well as additional repercussions based on the situation.

Definition of terms:

The Influencer : The individual / group of people who signs up with Influencer Hub to provide specified services.
The Company : The organization / Corporate that has requested the services of Influencer Hub by providing assignments.

By signing up with Influencer Hub, you agree to abide by these terms, conditions and rules and hold yourself responsible to honor the same.


  1. When an influencer accepts an assignment provided by Influencer Hub, the date, time and venue will be confirmed. A change in the same can be initiated by either party (influencer or company) 5 days before the date of the assignment. Any requests made later will have to be mutually agreed upon by both the parties, else the date, time and venue will be considered as confirmed.
  2. The influencer will deliver the content /post /image/ video to Influencer Hub within 48 hours of the confirmed visit/ receiving the product, unless specified otherwise. Upon confirmation from Influencer Hub, the influencer shall then post the finalized content on the agreed platform within 24 hours.
  3. The payment for the assignment will be transferred to the influencers bank account every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month.
  4. The influencer is liable to provide correct contact information to Influencer Hub in order to ensure a smooth coordination of projects. Any lapses in communication due to the provision of incorrect information will not be the liability of Influencer Hub.
  5. Any applicable transportation fees will not be provided by Influencer Hub, unless otherwise specified.
  6. The influencer shall, at all times maintain a professional and courteous service delivery at the time of the assignment. The influencer is obliged to be on time, and with only the specified number of people. Continuous delays and taking advantage of the offers made by the company will not be tolerated and may lead to termination of contract.

Working with brands 

1.    The influencer is free to take on third party assignments that do not come from the clients introduced to the influencer by Influencer Hub.

2.    In case, a brand is introduced to the influencer by the Influencer Hub;
·       The influencer will only contact the company through Influencer Hub. Any attempt to sell/ source or poach clients of Influencer Hub may result in expulsion from Influencer Hub community.
·       If the client approaches an influencer directly, the influencer is liable to inform Influencer Hub of the same as all company – influencer communications will be managed by Influencer Hub. A failure to inform of the same may result in expulsion from Influencer Hub community. 

3.    In the event of terminating the partnership between influencer hub and the influencer, the influencer cannot work with the partner companies of Influencer Hub for a period of 3 months post termination.



  1. Influencer Hub takes all necessary measures to ensure the safety of the influencers contact information. However, in the event that the influencers contact information has been shared with the company by unrelated third parties or by the influencer, Influencer Hub will not be held liable for confidentiality.
  2. In terms of sensitive information shared by the company with the influencer, the influencer is bound to maintain the confidentiality of the same. Any breach of confidentiality will be treated as a legal offence and subsequent action will be taken.


  1. Delivery of the agreed service as per the contract (number of posts / images/ videos etc.) is the responsibility of the influencer. Non- adherence to the terms in the contract will result in non-payment.
  2. Influencer hub will not be held responsible for any side effects/ damages/ conditions or problems that arise due to usage of a company product/ service. However, we assure that all companies go through a stringent vetting process to ensure safety.
  3. The influencer is liable to share the statistics and data related to the posts uploaded/ campaign undertaken with influencer hub upon request.
  4. Instagram influencers must use a publicly visible business profile.
  5. Influencer Hub’s liability is limited to ensuring that the influencer receives his/her payment as per the agreement.